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    Filling of Headship Positions

     Reference No. OPM Circular No 15/2022

    Public Service, Sector and General Public  


    Headship Positions
    Published Date: 16/09/2022 12:00
    Closing Date: 30/09/2022 13:30
    Ministry: Ministry for Health

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Required Documents

Motivational Statement  Four Year Plan  GP47/Certificate of Conduct 
The Senior Appointments Advisory Committee (SAAC) wishes to identify suitable public officers who could be recommended to fill a position in the Higher Executive Service, hereinafter referred to as Headship Positions1 in Grade 3 (Salary Scale 3) or Grade 4 (Salary Scale 4) shown in the list marked Appendix 'A' attached to this Circular. The appointments shall be made on the basis of an Agreement for a period of four years and will be subject to a one year probationary period.

Director General
(Compliance and Inspections), MFH*
(Operations-Secondary Healthcare Services), MFH*
(Operations), Mater Dei Hospital, MFH**
(Nursing and Midwifery), Mater Dei Hospital, MFH
(Pharmacy), Mater Dei Hospital, MFH
(Pharmaceutical Services), MFH
(Stores and Supplies), MFH
Salary Scales 3 and 4


The position descriptions for each of the advertised positions can be viewed from this <link>.



Appendix A- Other offices with statutory powers listed in the Second Schedule of the Public Administration Act and other positions of Director General and Director not so listed.

For applicants to be eligible in respect of these positions they must be:-

(a) senior public officers who have a substantive grade in Scale 7 or higher or other public officers who have served for four consecutive years in the Public Service/Public Sector in positions classified in Scale 7 or higher; and

(b) proficient and able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing in the Maltese and English languages.

Officers currently occupying a Headship Position, and who have served at least one year of the term of their current performance agreement, may apply for any of the positions advertised in this circular, subject to having satisfied the pertinent eligibility requirements. The one-year term eligibility criterion does not apply when one is applying for a higher position.

Candidates may indicate up to a maximum of four positions as an indication of their preference. The SAAC will consider who, from among any of the eligible candidates, is suitable for a particular post. While prospective candidates may indicate their preferences for up to four positions, it is the SAAC's prerogative to nominate any candidate to any of the positions advertised.
Ministry/Department:Office of the Principal Permanent Secretary
Contact Person:Ms Paula Zahra
Management Support Directorate
Office of the Prime Minister
Auberge de Castille
Valletta - VLT 1061
Telephone Number:2200 1510

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  • In case of conflict in interpretation of any part/s of a call for applications, the final interpretation should be that of the published Maltese version of the call for applications.