Our Mission

The People & Standards Division aims to  formulate, develop and promote, in close collaboration with line Ministries and Departments, progressive human resource policies, strategies and management systems in support of the Government business and to assist and support line Ministries/Departments to achieve Government plans and programmes and to render an effective service to the public.

Our Goals

The Recruitment Portal of the Government of Malta provides an internet-based solution to the current selection processes within the Public Service, and enables employees and the general public to:

- View vacancies in the Public Service;

- Electronically submit their applications for vacancies in the Public Service;

- Check about the status of their application from the comfort of their home.

Our Beliefs

The Public Service of Malta is an equal-opportunities employer, and every effort is made to offer the best possible conditions of service in order to promote a motivated, productive and disciplined workforce.  It also champions family-friendly measures to make it capable of responding to the needs of the modern family and the programmes of Government. ​

Our Customers

The People & Standards Division, through its delegated process, issues service-wide and departmental calls for applications, open to public officers and several calls for applications open to the general public and EU citizens.

Calls for applications are also issued for the re-deployment of staff throughout the core Public Service and wider Public Sector.

There are also posts that are filled through public examinations, in which case the Board of Local Examinations is delegated with the authority to conduct such selection processes.